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Turf Doctor RX

Our cutting edge agronomic fertilization program specializes in nutrition for the soil that results in a
thick, healthy, and green lawn. We know that no two lawns are alike, so the Turf Doctor RX Program takes a custom approach that ensures your turf is in top condition all year long.  Our seven treatment program,  applied by our certified lawn specialists, includes fertilizers, soil conditioners, pre- and post-emergent weed control, and grub control to maintain a lush, healthy lawn.


Lawn Health

Our agronomic specialist will determine your lawn’s unique needs based on a variety of factors such as your soil, grass type, typical lawn usage

Seven Fertilization Treatments 

As the seasons change, we’ll adhere to a comprehensive fertilization schedule that encourages healthy turf growth and tailor your fertilization treatment program to your lawn’s specific needs.

Weed Control

Our preventative weed control treatments will minimize the germination of various weeds in your lawn. Our post-emergent weed control will help minimize the weeds that may have grown in spite of the pre-emergents. 


We’re not going to let pests ruin your beautiful greens. Surface and sub-surface turf-damaging grubs feed on grass roots and blades, so we apply control for those grubs ahead of the problem.

At Turf Doctor, we're in the the business of making your lawn healthy, green, and lush so you can enjoy life outdoors. 
Your lawn is more than grass —it’s a space that should be an enjoyable escape for you and your family.

We combine over 20 years of agronomic experience with top of the line products, educated and certified turf specialists, and an unwavering, passionate commitment to ensure that your investment is secure.

We know that you’ll love your new lawn program, and you can trust that our Turf Doctors help you achieve the healthy and beautiful turf you expect.

We  Also Specialize In

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Our knowledgeable staff will assess your lawns needs and create a care plan that will get your lawn looking great.

 We use top-dressing to smooth rough lawn areas and improve soil structures by adding a layer of sand or organic compost blends to your turf based on your lawn specific needs.

A yard is only as good as its soil. Lawn aeration helps your lawn by allowing air, water, and nutrients to flow  into your soil where they’re most needed. Additionally,  aeration breaks-up compacted soils and improve root development throughout the soil which improves the effectiveness of top-dressing and fertilization.


Over-seeding is a quick and easy way to improve turf quality in Fescue during the fall and spring seasons or allow your warm-season turf to be lush and green all year. Ask us if this option is right for your lawn.


Fire ants are territorial of their area and will attack anyone that threatens their nest. The Turf Doctors will treat your your turf to protect you and your family from fire ant infestations.

In addition to our signature Turf Doctor RX fertilization program, we specialize in additional lawn care services such as top dressing, aeration, and overseeding. These are all good ways to create a lush green lawn.

Top Dressing



Fire Ant Control

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For your complimentary quote, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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