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3 Easy Lawn Maintenance Tips You Can do Right Now for Better Turf

A healthy, beautiful, and green lawn is the result of consistent maintenance and care. It may feel overwhelming to think of all of the factors that need to go into achieving the perfect lawn you picture, but we’ve broken it down into three easy tips.


A healthy lawn requires the perfect amount and frequency of hydration, and that can vary depending on your grass type.

Warm Season (ie. Bermuda)

We recommend watering deeply in the early morning when the grass looks dry.

You can use this trick to help determine if your grass needs some hydration: if the blades seem to be narrow and curled up, your lawn needs water if you would like it to stay green.

Cool Season (ie. Fescue)

With cool season turf, less is more. Water your lawn weekly and in the early morning when rain levels are below one inch.


To maintain healthy turf, it is crucial to mow it at the right height, and the right time. Believe it or not, there IS an optimal way to mow your lawn for best results. The best guideline is to follow the ⅓ Rule - which means never remove more than 1/3 of the total grass blade when you mow.


Your lawn needs more than just water alone to not just survive- but thrive. Fertilizing is essential to achieve a healthy, green lawn as it gives your lawn the nutrients it needs from the root to blade. A well-fertilized lawn creates a thick barrier against weeds and keeps dead spots at bay.

By combining our 20 years of turf management experience with a passion for agronomic study, we developed our signature Turf Doctor RX fertilization program and have given hundreds of happy customers the lush, deep green, healthy lawns they desire. Unlike our competitors, we work to educate you as the homeowner on your role in the best watering and mowing practices to maintain the longevity of your lawn, and we collaborate with all areas of your lawn management team, from irrigation to landscapers, to optimize the health of your lawn.

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